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Pietro Baldini


AGS Tie Solution , owner of the brand PIETRO BALDINI is an international manufacturer of high quality accessories, offering corporate businesses superior neckwear products such as neckties, scarves, shawls, and pashminas.

Today PIETRO BALDINI has become a synonym for quality and innovation.

Founded in 1989 in Germany, and established in the Spanish market since 2004, AGS has established itself in the European market as one of the premier manufacturers of quality corporate accessories through its extensive industry experience, excellent suppliers, and know-how born out of a strong collaboration with the textile industry´s best designers and business partners over time. 

PIETRO BALDINI brand is the response to the overwhelming market demand for luxury and superior quality accessories.

The prevailing and distinguished designs and materials used in PIETRO BALDINI products were integrated to uniquely inspire an omnipresent and undeniable atmosphere of magnificence around the one who wear´s it.

Such conception and composition indulge those with the desire and longing for only the finer things in life.

Pietro Baldini