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Pietro Baldini

Corbata Pietro Baldini Diamond

Pietro Baldini Diamond Tie
Pietro Baldini Diamond Tie-Corbata Pietro Baldini DiamondPietro Baldini Diamond Tie-Corbata Pietro Baldini Diamond

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 Corbata Pietro Baldini Diamond

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The Pietro Baldini Diamond, the Bentley of neckties, is commonly the selection of clients with preferred and extravagant tastes. This Seven-Fold-Luxury tie created in jacquard silk with an integrated 4 carat Top Welton diamond created a furor when introduced into the market in late 2008.

Internationally renowned for its exclusivity, the Pietro Baldini Diamond is a Seven Fold necktie tie and is made available with any of the Pietro Baldini designs for customization.

The Diamond luxury line by Pietro Baldini is produced of the finest Italian silk and embodies only superior Top Welton diamonds, which are produced in cooperation with the famous jeweler, Liali Dubai, and can be placed under the knot of the necktie. Clients may chose however, the exact placement of the diamond or diamonds should they prefer it.

The client has the opportunity to exclusively choose which carat of diamond should integrated in the tie.Any design, color or pattern can be chosen to integrate a TOP WELTON diamond so that the end result is tailored specifically to the wish of the client, resulting in the originality of the PIETRO BALDINI DIAMOND.

Pietro Baldini