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AGS busca distribuidores y partners para Pietro Baldini

AGS Tie Solution is Seeking Distribution Partners in its International
AGS Tie Solution, owner and designer of the luxury brand Pietro Baldini, is seeking distribution
partners to bolster its path to global expansion. Established in Europe as a luxury accessories
designer and brand owner, the AGS current expansion strategy adheres to positive growth
indications for the Luxury Market.
Barcelona, November 2009: AGS Tie Solution, owner and designer of the luxury brand Pietro Baldini is
sailing against the tide of the economic downturn, through its deliberate global expansion into
international markets, and is proactively seeking distribution and reselling channel partners. In an
industry where many brands are filing for bankruptcy, AGS Tie Solution is building up its current
international network of value added reselling partners to bolster its expansion in answering the
increase in international demand for exclusive accessories such as neckties, shawls, scarves and
pashminas. AGS Tie Solution is focusing on markets such as Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Poland,
Russia and the UK, where current marketing efforts are underway. Other markets are not disregarded
and are considered for near future expansion. The AGS expansion follows recent positive trends in the
luxury market for the coming years.
Consulting firm Bain & Company, forecasts an overall increase in the luxury goods industry with 4,2%
by the end of 2011, with a sharp upward growth curve beginning in the later part of 2010. Italian
based luxury association, Altagamma, estimates the Asian luxury market to increase by 12% for the
whole year, and both Europe by 4%, and the USA by 8% for the second half of 2010.* However, it is
not only the international expansion of AGS Tie Solution´s luxury brand - Pietro Baldini - that is
projected to thrive, the company´s traditional B2B product line of superior quality customization and
personalization accessory textiles for corporate business is also making a foray into new markets.

Through a wide array of valued services for companies, AGS Tie Solution enables clients to customize
products with their own corporate identity, create their own brand label, or purchase exclusive Pietro
Baldini luxury products for resale. These options empower potential reselling partners to introduce a
new and innovative trade concept in their respective countries. ¨These exclusive opportunities stress
the concept of turning to innovation in a weakened economy in order to build something new, as all
crises signify a chance to grow. Select distributors and resellers now have prime opportunities to
market both designer luxury goods premier to their country, as well as strategically install themselves
as high class accessory suppliers and enablers of private label goods for large businesses, or for resale,
¨states Antonio G. Sanchéz, CEO of AGS Tie Solution. The two-pronged approach intends to give
distribution partners business opportunities to open new channels and increase turnover by creating
and selling their own private label, and benefiting from the growing Pietro Baldini brand image.
Among sought partnerships are distributors, wholesalers, retailers, online luxury shops, and other
resellers that possess established networks and mature alliances positioned for ¨rebound¨
opportunities in both economically challenged and thriving markets. Select reselling partners will
receive a special ¨Get to Know¨ offer from the Pietro Baldini Neckwear and Femme luxury lines.
Resellers interested in this offer should visit http://www.pietrobaldini.com/resellers-get-to-know/or
contact sales@tiesolution.com for more details.
Based in Barcelona, Spain, AGS is a producer that engages in the neckwear accessory and fashion
industry. Established in Germany since 1989 and having expanded globally to serve international
clients today, AGS and its brands promote various product lines of neckwear and fashion. Its flagship
brand, Pietro Baldini is distributed throughout Europe with established distribution and retail channels.